When you are looking to make your garden spring to life, some regional plants are the best way to go. However, here in New York, there are unique challenges to gardening. This can be especially difficult when you want to plant perennials, as they must survive the harsh winters to bloom again when the weather warms. Northeastern winters are notorious for bitterly low temperatures and piles of snow every year; therefore, much time and effort must be put into ensuring that your perennials survive to see another spring. You increase your chances of your plants surviving if you choose ones that are native to the region and therefore, used to the harsh conditions. Plants that are native to the region can actually even benefit from the winter months, as the dormant period can help them, not to mention the natural insect control that comes with cold weather.

Another issue with growing plants in New York is the soil. The soil in much of this region is made of clay, which is heavy and doesn’t drain well, making it less than ideal for plant life. It can be suitable for many plants, but again, certain regional plants will be able to weather this just fine, though they may also require mixing the soil with compost or raising your garden beds. If you are feeling overwhelmed by this process, a well-qualified landscaping company could be your ticket to beautiful gardens that grow back year after year. We can help you pick out the gorgeous, regional plants that can thrive in your front or backyard, as well as plant and maintain them for you. In the meantime, here is a list of perennial plants that are regional to New York and are perfect for your garden.

New York Ironweed

The New York ironweed is tough, if you couldn’t guess from its name. Its stems are quite strong, making it a resilient plant. Not only that, it is beautiful, with clusters of dark purple blossoms that cluster in 30 to 50 buds. They arrive in the middle of summer, and can last until as late as November, depending on when the winter weather rolls around. Even the fading flowers are beautiful, turning a gorgeous rust color right before it starts its winter hibernation. Ironwood thrives in sunny spots, so we will help you pick a place for them in your backyard that is filled with light.

Garden Phlox

Garden phlox offers several advantages for a New York garden: it has strong stems that can stand up the harsh winter winds; it can be planted in a variety of types of soils; and it comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes. These plants are characterized by clusters of five-petaled flowers that come out of a narrow tube. They come in many different colors, from light pink to violet to bright red. This is one of the lowest maintenance flowers you can plant in this region.


Yarrow is another gorgeous and resilient perennial plant that is native to the Northeast. Featuring delicate flowers at the end of long and slender stems, it may be difficult to believe how strong this plant truly is. Because the flowers are small and densely packed, it looks almost like lace, and can be pink, white, yellow, or gold. Not only are these flowers beautiful, they smell wonderfully, making it a great option for drying and creating potpourri. If you wish to dry them, cut your yarrow plant in summer time at its peak, then hang it upside down to dry out of the sun. Yarrow also has several medication uses, and is a common ingredient in organic cosmetics. Yarrow may not sprout the first season it is planted; it often needs two years to see results. However, once it arrives, you will love its place in your garden.


Astilbe is a dramatically colorful plant that requires very little to survive. It comes in so many different colors, shapes, and sizes that you have many options for what will best suit your garden. The blooms of this flower are quite distinctive; they look like feathers coming out of the stem. It can bloom from early June to late August, depending on the specific variety. You can find astilbe that is small enough to fit in a small pot to one that is four-feet tall. Astilbe attracts butterflies to your garden, adding to its colorful beauty. The durability and diversity of this plant make it the perfect match for many New York home.

Coral Bells

Coral bells are a perennial plant that fair well in the shade, making it a good option for the part of your backyard where the sun is obscured. Coral bells come in red, white, or pink flowers, but many property owners are most attracted to its foliage, which comes in stunning bronze, silver, gold, plum, and burgundy. Coral bells are commonly used as the border of a perennial garden, and often attract hummingbirds with their bright leaves and gorgeous flowers. Some of them are shiny, while others are more matte. Because their color is in the foliage, an added bonus of coral bells is that they maintain color for longer than plants that hold their hues in the flowers.

Whichever perennials you want to add to your garden, you can trust our landscaping company to plant and care for them well. When you are looking for a landscaping company in Coram, NY, contact Dimassi and Son’s Landscaping for a free consultation.