When you own a home, there is a lot of different parts of your property to consider. Sometimes, it is difficult to manage all of the different aspects of homeownership. You may think very little about the state of your driveway. However, driveways have a life of about 25 years, or even shorter if you have not performed regular maintenance on it. As time goes on, the material used to create the driveway as well as the ground underneath slowly destabilizes. If you have not paid much attention to your driveway since it was initially installed, it could be in a state of disrepair so bad that it warrants replacement. At Dimassi and Son’s Landscaping, as masonry contractors, we can help you create a new driveway to meet and exceed your expectations. Read this blog for signs that your driveway requires replacement, and if it does, we will come to your Coram, NY home and install a new one that matches the aesthetic of your home.


Cracking naturally occurs over time with pretty much any type of asphalt or concrete. However, the particular type of crack that is present dictates how you should handle the issue.

Linear Crack

As your driveway ages, it is inevitable that it will develop long, thin cracks, regardless of how skillfully it was installed. The issue is only pressing when water, dirt, and debris get into the linear cracks, expanding them. This is especially problematic during the winter months, as the water freezes and expands, turning the crack into a bigger problem. These types of cracks require professional driveway repair; do not try to fix them yourselves!

Spider Web Crack

If you see a spider web crack in your driveway, it could be a major problem. Spider web cracks are generally present because the driveway was not probably installed; most likely, it was simply laid over layers of sealant from previous repairs. A good driveway needs a solid foundation, and sealants are not able to give that. In this case, the damage can only be fixed by removing the driveway and installing a new one.


If you have ever driven over a pothole in the street, you know that they are a real pain. However, potholes aren’t just limited to the streets; they can also develop in people’s driveways. Potholes occur because the earth below expands and contracts, particularly in winter and spring. This movement causes the material to lose its cohesion. Traffic aggravates this problem, and over time, it causes potholes. While driveways see much less traffic than roads, that does not mean that driveways are safe from developing potholes. Whether or not you can fix your potholes depends on how large they are. Smaller holes can be filled with sealant, but larger ones warrant a driveway replacement.

So do I repair or replace my driveway?

Once you have identified the issues with your driveway, you must decide whether you want to perform a repair or if you wish to get a completely new driveway. To help you make this decision, we have compiled a list of some factors to consider.

Amount of Damage

First, consider exactly how much damage has been done. A good way to assess this is by measuring the cracks. If they are wider than half an inch or deeper than two inches, this is serious damage, and it is better to go ahead and replace your driveway than waste your time with repairs. Particularly if you have multiple cracks, repairing your driveway is only a temporary fix in this case.

Age of the Driveway

Driveways are composed of either asphalt or concrete. As a general rule, asphalt lasts about 25 years, while concrete can last up to 30. If your driveway is around this age and has damage, it is best to go forth with a driveway replacement. Repair is only putting off the inevitable at this point. If you need to save up for a full replacement, resurfacing your driveway can be a happy medium between repair and replacement.

It is important to keep an eye on your driveway to determine whether or not you need to repair or replace it soon. When you need masonry contractors in Coram, NY to replace your driveway, contact Dimassi and Son’s Landscaping.