I Couldn’t Be Happier

I met Sal DiMassi in 2012. I contacted him for a pool patio renovation. This would be a project that I’ve been looking forward to and planning for nearly 25 years!…But what’s the rush..who’s counting!? Over the course of more then a year Sal brought me to see numerous projects that he had completed, as well as discussing the many products available, choice of installation and pros and cons of each. Through Sal, I became an expert on the different applications, and the benefits and negatives of each one. He always listened to my concerns, making me feel very confident that he wouldn’t steer me wrong, assuring me on more then one occasion that he stands by his work and is only a phone call away. We had numerous phone discussions that I know over time added up to hours. He was dealing with a homeowner that had enough ideas to design 25 homes, and could not make up her mind! and this was before there was even a contract in place! I called him so many times and not once did he lose his patience. He was always courteous, many times, explaining the same thing over and over again. My ideas about the design and paver choice changed from day to day, with Sal just continually brainstorming with me, helping me sort through my ideas, and concerns. When I finally reached my final decision on a paver, and design, Sal was able to schedule me in a timely manner. He and his crew were so professional and respectful of my property, making sure they cleaned up at the days end. He knew I was detail oriented and that I wanted to be a part of all decision making, so he always kept me in the loop at all times. He and his crew were always on time, and worked a full day, returning the next day till the job was done. My project was completed in 3 stages, only because I couldn’t make all my decisions at once, but Sal , was always accommodating fitting me in promptly. The end result is exquisite. Sal’s company is the most professional company I’ve ever dealt with. He is an expert in his field, yet without the slightest arrogance..A true professional! I couldn’t be happier with the final result. My property is more then I could have ever imagined and I have Sal DiMassi to thank for turning my many years of dreaming into a true reality. THANK YOU SAL ! Without any hesitation, I would recommend your company to anyone

Holgan Land Surveying, PC